Cleburne High School

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Bond 2018


Daily Schedule:
1st period- 8:00-8:45- Athletics
2nd period- 8:50- 9:40- Conference
3rd period- 9:45- 10:30-Psychology/Sociology
4th period- 10:35-11:20- Lunch
5th period- 11:25- 12:10- Freshman Baseball
6th period- 12:15- 1:00-Lunch duty
7th period- 1:05- 1:50-Psychology/Sociology
8th period- 1:55- 2:40-Psychology/Sociology
9th period- 2:45-3:30- Baseball
scheduled 6:30-7:00AM at the boys field house


Psychology/Sociology Syllabus 2018-2019


Instructor: Jerald Ross Taylor

Email address:

School phone: 817-202-1200

Conference time: 2:10-2:55


Tutorials: 7:30-8:00 a.m., in room 223


Course Objective and/or Description: Psychology, a study of individual behavior, from different theoretical perspectives, that range from and covers birth to death.


Sociology: covers a wide range of topics but focuses on behavior within a group setting.


Text, Readings, Materials: Classroom sets of psychology and sociology books, students will also be given the ability to download the texts onto their chromebooks once classes have begun.


The guidelines for grading and make-up work can be found here: CISD Grading Policy


Academic Dishonesty: Plagiarism and academic dishonesty are serious offenses. The academic work of a student is expected to be his/her own effort. Students must give the author(s) credit for any source material used. To represent ideas or interpretations taken from a source without giving credit is a flagrant act. To present a borrowed passage after having changed a few works, even if the source is cited, is also plagiarism. Students who commit any act of academic dishonesty may receive a failing grade in that portion of the course work. Acts of academic dishonesty will be reported to the administration.




Classroom expectations/rules/social contract

Special assignments or projects: Music that describes Ericksons psychosocial stages of development.

Supplemental readings(s) and resource(s) Sociology-Rabbitt proof fence and The



Psychology-A boy named Dibbs.

Within reason all topics are open for mature class discussion.