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CHS Girls Basketball


Cleburne Lady Jacket Basketball

Athletic Class Syllabus


Head Coach: Brooke Robinson
Assistant Coach Info:
Chris Cron (Varsity Asst)
Keena Mays (JV/Varsity Asst) –
Rikki Taylor (9 A/B/Varsity Asst)
Course Info: The girls’ JV/V basketball class is an activity based class in which student-athletes are provided with instruction and skill development in areas of strength, conditioning and the fundamentals of basketball. Study habits, character development and team building are emphasized in an effort to teach the life skills needed in becoming productive members of society. Athletics is a privilege, not a right. Coach Robinson has sole discretion in who may or may not be in the athletic period.
Grading Policy: Each six weeks grade will be determined as follows: Daily Participation = 100% *Participation includes: Dressing out in the appropriate gear, attitude, behavior, effort Attendance: Daily attendance and participation are expected of all student-athletes. The conditioning missed as a result of an absence and/or tardy may be made up at the coach’s discretion. Repeated tardiness, absences and/or lack of participation and disciplinary issues in the classroom and/or hallways may result in additional conditioning and/or removal from the athletics period.
Materials: All student-athletes are expected to wear off-season practice clothing (black shorts, Cleburne shirt, and cross trainers). The soft gear must be worn daily in class according to the schedule determined by the coaches. If the student-athlete makes a team, they will be issued additional practice gear. Any lost or damaged equipment/gear purchased with school funds must be paid for by the student-athlete.
IMPORTANT: SPORTS PHYSICAL AND ONLINE PAPERWORK MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOU CAN PARTICIPATE. ALL PHYSICALS MUST BE COMPLETED BY 8-18-2018. Any athlete that does not have their physical by the deadline (​unless a special circumstances approved by the coach),​ will be removed from the athletic period Class
Calendar/Newsletter: A monthly calendar will be uploaded with each student-athlete at the beginning of every month. Parents may also utilize the info on the TEAM APP and sign up for remind 101. Text @chslj to 81010.
Acknowledgement of Basketball Expectations I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the 2018-1019 basketball athletic period syllabus. I agree to read the syllabus and abide by the standards, policies, and classroom procedures defined or referenced in this document. This last page must be signed and returned by August 18, 2018.
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