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Learn More about Critical Thinking and Reading!

Please invite your student to log in to his/her class CANVAS page to see all the exciting activities, lessons and assignments offered there. Students use a mix of interactive hands-on activities, critical reading/annotations, and writing (both by hand and online) to develop higher order thinking skills. If you ever have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at

Recent Posts

Frankenstein Crash Course Part I

 A quick review of the concepts we covered in class. Remember that this video content is not a substitute for your own notes and your own careful reading! 

Oedipus Crash Course

Enjoy John Green's take on Oedipus in this Crash Course video! 

Crash Course: Shakespeare's Sonnets

Here is a quick introduction to the English sonnet - this form is your friend on the AP Literature Exam! Find out why by previewing this video and by staying tuned in class! 

How and Why We Read Literature

Enjoy this Crash Course video with John Green to get our year started!