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World History, Advanced Placement World History
RM 237c

Conference Times
regular bell schedule: 8:50-9:40
Pep rally schedule: 8:45-9:16

Tutorial Times:
After School By Appointment Made By Student.
My schedule is somewhat flexible and I am here early before school if extra help is needed.
Welcome to World History with Mr Poss.

If you are in this class get ready for teacher led web based learning and project based learning. 

Hello all,

My name is Chris Poss, I am a teacher at Cleburne High School in Cleburne Texas. Welcome to World History

You probably would never guess this about me by the pictures on this page, but I am a bit of an adventure and adrenaline junkie. Most of my students know me as the teacher that rides the motorcycle to school or the guy that goes on the week long back packing excursions over spring break, the teacher that made us write those silly blues songs, or just the the guy that does the pep rallies.

It is always my goal to provide my students with the best environment for learning that I can, enabling them to reach their total potential (even if that potential is much higher than they believed they had within them). By creating an environment that is most conducive to my students' needs and learning styles and creating individual relationships with each of them, I feel that I positively effect change within students cultivating them and aiding their growth into adulthood, helping them to become productive citizens and reach their goals they set for themselves. Here's a link to an article by one of my students about his experience in my class. Hope you find it helpful.

 Here is a place to check out some stuff for extra help

last but not least I want to provide each student with as much opportunity to succeed so if there is ever any lack of understanding on something we have done in class please set up a time with me to do tutorials. I pretty much am here very early before school and late after school. So do not hesitate to ask to do tutorials... we also have jacket time 2 times per week so there are opportunities to get help ...TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM!!!

Mr Poss