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English IV Teacher 
 Faculty Sponsor of the National Beta Club
RM 214
Regular Bell Schedule (MWF) 2:49-3:35pm
After school from 3:35 - 5 P.M.
Monday - Friday, Before at 7:30 - 7:50 and after school from 3:35 - 5 P.M.
I have a BA in English and History from UTA and my GT Certification from Tarleton State University (TSU). In addition, I have certifications from AP / Pre-AP Summer Camps at TCU, Eric Jensen's Brain-Based Learning Instruction in San Antonio through TSU, in addition to Kagan Cooperative Learning and Ruby Payne Instruction (Reaching Impoverished Students) also through TSU, and Johnson and Johnson Cooperative Learning, the New Jersey Writing Project ( now Abydos) summer camps at CHS. Over the last 33 years at CHS, I have taught honors freshman and sophomore classes, pre-AP freshman and sophomore classes, SAT Developmental Vocabulary, PSAT Summer Review (2 summers and 1 fall session), World Literature, World Mythology for 18 years, and now English IV for 12 years. 
ENGLISH I  The English I curriculum has markedly changed from when I taught GT and pre-Ap English I 20 years ago. Today's students are held accountable for many higher level thinking skills such as inference and relevance demanding textual evidence. My present students will have many opportunities to practice the analysis of reading selections and to write their inferential conclusions.  Additionally, they will increase their usage of literary devices,  the infusion of allusions and other figurative language, as well as increasing their developmental vocabulary. All of the work is intended to be completed in class with the opportunity to complete the work at home only if they don't finish. 
ENGLISH IV I believe that all students can, want, and need to be successful. This course will provide many opportunities to learn active critical reading, writing, and thinking strategies necessary this year -- their transition year -- but also in post-secondary institutions and the business world. In addition to the analytical reading and writing, the students will work toward increasing both their reading and speaking vocabulary in addition to applying academic terms to selections read. The curriculum also includes materials for making cultural connections through British literary selections and modern parallels as well as materials addressing CCRS (College and Career Readiness Standards). I do expect the students to complete most of their work in class so that I can help them. They will have days set aside for major in-class writings and computer lab assignments. Of course, completing work at home (except for tests) is an option if a student requires extra time and has shown progress during the provided class time. The students will not be issued a textbook but can certainly check out one for home use by contacting AP Michael Williams. Most of the materials they use in the class will be copied (excerpts or in full) from the book or other sources so that they can practice their annotating skills and demonstrate complex textual evidence searches. 
The grades for the class are calculated on a 60%/40% scale (the former for major grades; the latter for dailies and incremental parts of extended assignments -- graphic organizers and rough drafts...). The student will receive and have explained grading sheets for major assignments on the days the work is introduced so that the expectations and evaluations are always clear. Re-teaches, remediation, and make-up work are usually completed during tutorials. The students play an integral role in their success, and I enjoy being a part of the process. My before and after school tutorial schedule is posted in the room for the students on a weekly basis with any conflicts that I may have due to other obligations noted. I usually tutor until 5 P.M. each afternoon with the exception of home game Fridays during football season and monthly meetings (Faculty, Dept., and Beta Club). Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the curriculum, tutorials, or wish to schedule a conference. My conference period is the last period of the day, usually beginning about 2:45 P.M. 
WORLD MYTHOLOGY The one-semester English elective course is a comprehensive study of 8 global cultures through an analysis of both historical and literary information, using parallel myths to illustrate that myths are the common thread in the ancient world. These myths symbolize the human experience, embody collective knowledge, introduce heroic models, and represent the basis for education in the humanities. In addition, the students will have many opportunities to increase their vocabulary, so valuable in understanding literary allusions. We have already begun their first unit -- the hero myths -- and will be reading about eight famous heroes over the next nine weeks before continuing the study of the various pantheons and assorted myths. Part of the vocabulary development includes creating original analogies and determining iconic origins. The students will not be bringing a textbook home because we do most of the work in class except for test reviews. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns about the curriculum, the materials, or the course and grades. The grade for the course is calculated on a 40%/60%basis, the 60% for major grades. My conference period is the last period of the school day, beginning about 2:45 P.M. 817/202-1214.