Cleburne High School

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Bond 2018

One-on-One Senior Guidance

Beginning the Fall semester of each school year, the CHS Counselors will begin calling each of our seniors to our offices for the purpose of one-on-one guidance.
Here are a few things that will be discussed in the guidance sessions:

  • Current Credit Status
  • College Entrance Exams
  • Scholarships
  • College or Trade School
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA)
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Confirmation of Graduation Plans
  • Graduation Requirement Checklist
  • Schedule for 2nd Semester
  • College Visits
  • Class Rank
  • GPA
  • Plans After Graduation (work, post-secondary education, military, etc.)
Due to the number of seniors, this process will take approximately four to six weeks to complete. We will be spending 20-30 minutes with each individual student.