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Scholarships for 9th, 10th, and 11th Graders

College Board Scholarships for 11th graders:
1. Build Your College List: $500
Add six or more schools to their list on BigFuture®.
2. Practice for the SAT®: $1,000
Practice for six hours or more on Official SAT Practice.
Big Future CollegeBoard Scholarship search - currently there are over 300 scholarships listed. Based on the personal information, CollegeBoard will help match students with these scholarships (please click the blue "start" tab in the middle of the page for matching).
CollegeBoard Opportunity Scholarships - apply at for several scholarships, including: Build Your Scholarship List for a chance at $500, Practice for SAT for a chance at $1,000, Improve Your Score for a chance at $2,000, Complete FAFSA for a chance at $1,000, Complete Your Journey for a chance to win $40,000, etc. See flyer at the bottom of the page.
Scholarships for High School Freshmen - This link has 9 pages of scholarship opportunities for students, each one easily lists the award amount and deadlines.
10 Fall Scholarships for High School Sophomores - This link has 10 scholarships listed with award amount and deadlines.
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards - see scholarship tab for available opportunities for Best in Grade, Civic Expression Award, The Herblock Award for Editorial Cartoon, and New York Life Award. 
PREP Scholar - Click the link below for a list of 39 top scholarships for high school 9th and 10th graders. Each scholarship is listed with a description, scholarship amount, and the link to apply online.