"Our mission is to KNOW and GROW every student."        CHS SUMMER HOURS 6/5 - 7/28 Monday -Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm  

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Conference: 1:05-1:50 (7th Period)
Tutorials: Monday-Thursday 3:30-5:00 or by appointment
Room 227A
Extra resources: Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra-home

Ms. Galbraith was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Both of her parents were educators and have instilled a passion for learning. Ms. Galbraith attended Vista Ridge High School and participated in cross country, track, tennis, NHS, FFA, Key Club, Spanish club and, believe it or not, was the president of the M.A.Th. Club. Her senior year she was captain of the cross country team and they made it to Nike Nationals in Oregon. Ms. Galbraith attended Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi and received a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. Her first teaching job was at Tuloso-Midway High School (just outside of Corpus Christi), where she taught algebra 1 and was assistant tennis coach. She taught there for two years before moving to Granbury, TX in the summer of 2016. After searching long and hard Ms. Galbraith found her home at Cleburne High School teaching algebra 1 and assisting with cheer. Ms. Galbraith has a dog named Kailua and has hobbies such as running, yoga, and tennis. Her favorite part of teaching is helping the students understand the importance of math in their lives and loves to help her students, especially in tutorials. 
6th Six Weeks
April 10th
In class: N: 14-1
HW: A: 14-1
April 11th
In class: N: 14-2
HW: A: 14-2
April 12th
In class: Jeopardy
HW: None
April 13th
In class: Jeopardy
HW: None
April 17th
In class: N: 14-3
HW: A: 14-3
April 18th
In class: N: 14-4
HW: A: 14-4
April 19th
In class: Activity
HW: None
April 20th
In class: N: 14-5 (video)
HW: A: 14-5
April 21st
In class: QUIZ 14-1
HW: None
April 24th
In class: N: 14-6
HW: A: 14-6
April 25th
In class: N: 14-7
HW: A: 14-7
April 26th
In class: N: 14-8 (video)
HW: A: 14-8
April 27th
In class: N: 14-9
HW: A: 14-9
April 28th
In class: QUIZ 14-2
HW: None
May 1st
In class: Last minute review; quiz and kahoot
May 2nd
*****ALGEBRA 1 STAAR!!!!!!!!
 May 3rd
 Make up day (Notes)
May the 4th be with you 
Make up day (Notes and Canvas) 
 May 5th
 Make up day (Canvas)
 May 8th
Geometry Foldable and Worksheet
May 9th
Planes Construct Activity 
May 10th 
Calculator Activity
May 11th 
May 12th 
Geometry Quiz
May 15th
Escape Room
May 16th
May 17th
May 18th
Final Review
May 19th
Final Review
May 22nd
May 23rd
May 24th
Half day. 
5th Six Weeks
Feb 20 Holiday
Feb 21
In class: N: 11-1
HW: A: 11-1
Feb 22
In class: N: 11-2
HW: A: 11-2
Feb 23
In class: N: 11-3
HW: A: 11-3
Feb 24
In class: Canvas Attributes Quiz
HW: None
Feb 27
In class: Make-up Test 10
HW: Video N: 11-4
Feb 28
In class: A: 11-4
HW: Video N: 11-5
March 1
In class: A: 11-5
HW: None
March 2
In class: Review 11
HW: Study
March 3
In class: Test 11
HW: None
March 6
In class: Make up Test 11
HW: None
March 7
In class: Desmos Investigation
HW: N: 12-1
March 8
In class: A:12-1
HW: N:12-2
March 9
In class: A:12-2
HW: None
March 10
In class: Transformations Quiz
HW: None
March 13

Spring Break
March 14
Spring Break
March 15

Spring Break
March 16

Spring Break
March 17

Spring Break
March 20
In class: N:12-3
HW: A:12-3
March 21
In class: Transformations of Quadratic Functions Worksheet
HW: N: 12-4
March 22
In class: A: 12-4
HW: None
March 23
In class: Review 12
HW: Study
March 24
In class: Test 12
HW: None
March 27
In class: Make up Test 12
HW: None
March 28
March 29
In class: N: 13-1
HW: A:13-1
March 30
In class:
March 31
In class: N: 13-2
HW: A:13-2
April 3
In class: N: 13-3
HW: A:13-3
April 4
In class: Review 13
HW: Study
April 5
In class: Test 13
HW: None
April 6
In class: CBA 5 Review 
HW: Study 
April 7
In class: CBA 5
HW: None
4th Six Weeks
Jan 2 Holiday
Jan 3
In class: N: 8-1
HWK: A: 8-1
Jan 4
In class: N: 8-2
HWK: A: 8-2
Jan 5
In class: N: 8-3
HWK: A: 8-3
Jan 6
In class: Exponents Quiz

Jan 9
In class: N: 8-4
HWK: A: 8-4
Jan 10
In class: N: 8-5
HWK: A: 8-5
Jan 11
In class: Jeopardy over Exponents

Jan 12
In class: N: 8-6
HWK: A: 8-6 and
Video of N:8-7
Jan 13
 In class: A: 8-7
Jan 16
Jan 17
In class: Review 8
Jan 18
In class: TEST 8
HWK: Video N: 9-1
Jan 19
In class: A: 9-1
HWK: Video N: 9-2
Jan 20
In class: A: 9-2

Jan 23
In class: Make up Tests
HWK: Video N: 9-3
Jan 24
In class: A: 9-3
HWK: None
Jan 25
In class: Activity
HWK: N: 9-4
Jan 26
In class: A: 9-4
HWK: None
Jan 27
Factoring Quiz
Jan 30
In class: N: 9-5
HWK: A: 9-5

Jan 31
 In class: Review 9
Feb 1
In class: TEST 9
Feb 2
In class: Make up test grades
HWK: N: 10-1
Feb 3
In class: A: 10-1

Feb 6
In class: N: 10-2
HWK: A: 10-2

Feb 7
In class: Review 10-2
HWK: Video N: 10-3

Feb 8
In class: A: 10-3
HWK: Video N: 10-4

Feb 9
In class: A: 10-4
HWK: None

Feb 10
In class: N: 10-5
HWK: A: 10-5

Feb 13
In class: Review 10
HWK: Study
Feb 14
In class: TEST 10
HWK: None
Feb 15
In class: Make up test grades
Feb 16
In class: Review for CBA 4

Feb 17 (end of six weeks)
In class: CBA 4