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Davis, Piper » AP and Dual Credit English IV Summer Reading 2017

AP and Dual Credit English IV Summer Reading 2017

AP and Dual Credit English IV Summer Reading Assignment 2017


You will need :

  • How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster (any edition will do, or find it online here). 

  • A spiral notebook dedicated to your assignment. We will continue to use this notebook for AP and Dual Credit English IV all year. This notebook must be DEDICATED to your English class only! Do not use this spiral for other subjects. 


Your assignment: 

Thoroughly read How to Read Literature Like a Professor and to take notes in a dialectical journal. You will record one entry for each chapter in the book. Entries must be labeled with the title and number of the chapter. Each journal entry must include at least two significant quotes from the chapter PLUS your own ideas about the chapter. You may agree, disagree, ask relevant questions about the chapter and/or draw pictures to help you remember and process the information. This journal is ultimately for YOU to use as a study aid throughout the year, so make it your own and have FUN with your entries.


Acceptable note taking styles for journal entries: 

 Cornell notes 
Double Entry Journal 
Mind Mapping
Visual Notetaking

Due Date and Grading:

Turn in your reading journal on the Friday after school starts, and it will be your first MAJOR GRADE of the school year.

Full credit journal includes 25 entries that are clearly labeled with chapter title and number. Each entry includes at least two carefully chosen significant quotes from the chapter PLUS thoughtful and meaningful commentary, images, and/or questions. Please put each entry on a separate page with a title and chapter number.  The goal of this assignment is to prove that you completed the summer reading, but also to help you develop note taking and reading skills that you will use all year long. Full credit entries do NOT merely summarize the textbook, but they add your own thoughts as you explore ways APPLY the information to novels you have read or films you have seen (Yes, films are literature too!) and experiment with LITERARY ANALYSIS in your own writing based on the ideas given in the text. Each entry is worth four points if it meets the criteria above. Missing entries will subtract four points from your grade. Incomplete entries will subtract between 1 and 3 points, at teacher’s discretion.

Questions? Please contact pdavis@c-isd.com  



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