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Thank you for taking the time to check my page.  Please see the attached PE Course Overview and/or Softball Expectation Sheet.
Contact me for conference:
817-202-1200 (PE)/1250 (Athletics)



Tres White: twhite2@c-isd.com / 817-202-1227

Kala Winn: kwinn@c-isd.com/ 817-202-1200



Students will participate in a variety of individual and team activities. This curriculum will provide students with the opportunity to practice and develop the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the units during the semester may include but are not limited to: badminton, basketball, bowling, fitness, flag football, soccer, softball, team handball, tennis, and ultimate frisbee.  


Due to facility growth and changes, physical education classes will not dress out semester 1 of 2017, and semester 2 is to be determined.  Activity days will be known in advance so that the child has the option to wear athletic clothes to school.  There will always be an alternate assignment to physical activity, with the exception of Walking Wednesdays.  If the student refuses to participate in physical activity, there will still be a grade to be earned through the alternate assignment.  

Upon entry, students are to drop their belongings in the bleachers of the small gym and sit in their designated spot on the gym floor for attendance.  If the student is not sitting in their spot when the bell rings, but is present, they will be marked tardy.  If the student is not in their spot, or within the gym, they will be marked absent.  After attendance students will return back to the bleachers for instruction.

  1. Students are required to report to their assigned spot for roll call. Students absent at the time of roll will be considered to be absent.  Being habitually late to roll call will result in an office referral.
  2. No food, drink, or electronic devices allowed in the P.E. at any time.
  3. All these rules will be explained and reviewed by your teacher.


  1. Every two weeks is a major grade, which is 40% of the grade.
    • Students must be present and meet all expectations to earn points for the day.
  1. We will have one minor grade each week, which is 60% of the total grade.   


Attendance and participation are critical to a student’s success in Physical Education.  The Physical Education staff will make every effort to see that each student has the opportunity to be successful.

Daily grades will be obtained by participation, and alternate assignments to participation...for example, summarize the Badminton game that will take place today including: players, scores, broken rules, etc.  Major grades will include tests over game/activity rules previously taught, and Avid reading/writing.

Physical Education will also include character lessons in order to increase the overall growth of the student.  Physical Education strives to not only grow the students in fitness, and healthy lifestyle choices, but to also develop self esteem by cooperatively learning and growing with others.

Assignments will consistently take place in Canvas.  Chromebooks are required.


  • Follow directions and be prepared for class.
  • Respect all people and equipment in class.
  • No electronic devices (walkmans, cell phones, iPods, games, etc.) in class.
  • Please do not bring food into class, gyms, pool or locker rooms.
  • Please do not bring valuables to your physical education class.

By signing below I acknowledge the above changes, rules, attendance policy, and grading policy:

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Student Print Student Sign Date

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Guardian Print Guardian Sign Date


Guardian Email (If you would like to receive emails regarding your child).




Softball (General Program)Expectations 2017-2018


Athletes are expected to be at all events on time.  This includes the athletic period, all practices, games, community service, and events that represent the Lady Jacket Softball team.

Athletic period times—

  • “Regular” days  you are expected to be in the weight room no later than 4th: 10:38.  Field: 10:40. 9th: WR: 2:48 Field: 2:50.
  • “Pep Rally” days  you are expected to be in the weight room no later than 5th: 11:48 Field:11 9th: 2:52 Field: 2:54.


  • You are to give notice of doctor appointments before the day you miss.  
  • If you are sick and do not attend school, you are to provide the coaching staff text as soon as you make that decision.
  • We plan our practices; if you are a “no show” you potentially ruin the plan.  In life you don’t just not show up—you have to give notice, or you are fired.
  • If we notice persons “skipping” conditioning days, or skipping any class at all, there will be consequences.
  • After 5 unexcused absences of any period, removal of the program can take place.  3 tardies = 1 unexcused absence in all classes.


  • All athletes should come appropriately dressed.  
  • No shorts shorter than fingertip length, no spandex, and no cut t-shirts or shorts. No Nike Fit Shorts.
  • All clothes must have a finished hem.  
  • You are to wear Cleburne colors (black, white, gold, or grey) until practice clothes are issued. You will all wear the same color on the same day. Once clothes are issued you are to wear the designated uniform on the designated day.  
  • If it is a field day you are not required to wear pants, but if wearing shorts becomes an issue, (prevents you from sliding, etc.) we will wear pants.
  • Cleats are to be worn on field days, and (running) tennis shoes all other times.


We are here to work, and attitudes will not be tolerated.


You are a STUDENT/athlete.  No pass=no play.  Academics come first.  After 2 fails, a player is eligible for removal from the program.

Chain of command—

If a player has an issue, the player is to approach the coach with it, before parents are to be involved.  This protects the team, and allows us to understand each other.  If we cannot come to an understanding, then parents will be invited into a conference.  If we still cannot come to an understanding, the athletic director will be invited.   

Parent Conferences—

If you would like to reach the staff, you can reach us at 817-202-1250 (athletic office to forward message) or email us at kwinn@c-isd.com (V), bthigpen@c-isd.com (V 1st asst.), gfunderburk@c-isd.com (JV), and bowens@c-isd.com (JV) to set up a meeting.  The staff will not meet with you before game days, before practice, or on weekends (unless it is after a Saturday practice).  This limits you to Wednesdays after practice, or Wednesdays during a set appointment,  or Saturdays after practice.  We will not text, or have phone conversations about any issues.  Issues will be met face to face.  We will not discuss other players, only your child.  We will not have a parent meeting without the player present.

Team selection 2016-2017—

If the player is in the off-season, this is their tryout period.  If a player does not have a chance to enter the off-season, they will attend tryouts and all selections will be made in an equitable and unbiased way.  Questions that will be asked while making selections include, but are not limited to:

-Is the player in good standing with Cleburne Athletics?

-Can the player play catch?

-Can the player make contact off of the pitch? (55 MPH)

-Does the player have basic knowledge of the game?

-Does the player hustle?

-Does the player pick back up after failure?



This can be as small as tweeting an unneeded comment involving the program and/or its parts, or as big as drinking and driving.  

*All consequences are at the coaches’ discretion.

For current information and communication—

Remind 101: Text @cleburneh to 81010   &   Team App: Lady Jacket Softball

By signing the line below I the parent(s), and I the student/athlete agree to the expectations, terms, and conditions as stated above.  I understand that softball is a cleburne High School Softball is a privilege not a right, and that the above terms are non-negotiable.  

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Athlete Print Athlete Sign   Date

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Parent Print Parent Sign   Date

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Additional Parent Print Additional Parent Sign   Date

No concerns will be addressed with a guardian that has not signed the above area.  No concerns will be met with a guardian that is not the student/athlete’s legal caregiver.

The above signed expectation sheet is due by ____________________________________.  

Please keep the previous front/back page for your reference.