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Welcome Page

Algebra 2 / Advanced Quantitative Reasoning Teacher
RM 228A
Conference Times:
Regular Bell Schedule (M-F) 1:55-2:40pm
Tutorial Times:
After school M-TH, Fridays by appointment

Hello everybody,

My name is Buddy and I teach Algebra 2 and Advanced Quantitative Reasoning at CHS. I've been in education for 31 years and taught math for 12. I've run boarding high school dormitories for 7 years having anywhere from 30 to 110 teenage boys living with my wife and I 24/7. Never a dull moment! For 12 years I worked in higher education. I returned to high school work in 2009. My Alma mater is SWAU with a major in Secondary & Physical Education. I have a Masters in Education and I'm certified in P.E., Health, Business, Mathematics 4-12 and a Principal-ship.

I love working with high school students. It is my privilege to serve students, parents, and the community. Please email me at okeubler@c-isd.com and ask how your child is doing. I am committed to their success and I tutor after school every day.
I suggest that every parent put their child on Khan Academy and make them practice at least 30 minutes a day. I can see what they have done and I can help them in any weak areas.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.



Otto H Keubler IV
CHS Algebra II, AQR teacher
Go YellowJackets!

Love job! Love life! Love God!


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